Our Services_ 

[ Domestic Investigations ]

Domestic Investigations are a very serious and sensitive matter. Clear Source Investigations, LLC performs this service with the utmost discretion, giving you the peace of mind that comes with hiring an experienced and professional team. Our investigators use multiple investigative techniques to perform surveillance, monitor the spouse in question, and document their activities to either confirm or deny your suspicions.

[ Auto Accident ]

Getting to the truth regarding fault after an auto accident requires the skills of a trained investigator. Two people can’t agree on what they saw, and people misremember events — even after a day or two. Clear Source Investigations, LLC finds the truth and presents you with the evidence you need whether it’s for insurance or legal purposes. 

[ Background Checks ]

A trained investigator gets more background information about individuals than you can get on your own — even with the Internet. Our investigators conduct background checks and provide you with criminal records, phone numbers, traffic violations, addresses and known affiliations. Knowing this information is essential when hiring an employee or selecting someone to date.

[ Surveillance ]

When it comes to Clear Source Investigations, LLC, surveillance is our bread and butter of the operation. We do anything from missing persons to insurance fraud, to theft and special investigations. We setup a discreet surveillance position to monitor these individual(s) and follow them to document their daily activities. 

[ Activity Checks]

An Activity Check is a common term used for surveillance to investigate the whereabouts and actions of a subject of interest. These assignments consist of a series of routine checks, from which a base of information is built detailing how and where a person spends their days and nights.

[ Workers Compensation]

Workers Compensation programs are here to help those who are severely disabled, but some try and defraud the system. Private Investigators are in place to ensure that no one fakes an injury or defraud the insurance companies.

[ Child Custody ]

We offer child custody investigations that will determine if an individual is fit to be a parent or to have custody of their child. This comes with a detailed observation on one or both parents. This ensures that the children are in a safe environment and if not then the case will be turned over to the person of interest so that they can press chargers or pursue custody.  

[ Alive & Well Checks ]

During this routine, one of our trained investigators will verify the Claimant’s identity and determine that he or she is receiving their benefits on time and also determine if their needs are being met. Clear Source Investigations, LLC can take statements from the Claimant and witnesses regarding loss and complete a detailed report.